Available Online Courses

An Empathic Connection


EPCS’s foundational course is designed for all persons interested in enhancing their relational skills through improved listening. This introductory material is comprised of essential theoretical concepts and practical skill-based exercises. Through this training, one can enhance the capacity to be a helpful presence to a friend, colleague and family member. It also serves as an excellent foundation to more advanced courses. Participants can expect to: 

  1. Gain a basic understanding of empathy and empathic listening
  2. Learn the essential skills required for empathic listening
  3. Enhance listening skills through basic exercises
  4. Understand several distinctions between social and empathic conversations
  5. Become familiar with basic grief theory and the losses and changes which evoke grief
  6. Learn effective and flawed responses to grieving persons

Catholic Lay Pastoral Care Ministry

$49 – Purchase this course and An Empathic Connection for $175

Designed for persons involved in ecumenical pastoral care ministry, including Catholic laypersons. This course examines six essential components of Catholic lay ministry, including authorization of ministry, ERDs, and spiritual communion. To get the most out of this material, completion of An Empathic Connection course is highly encouraged.

Ecumenical Lay Pastoral Care Ministry

Coming soon!

Crafted for laypersons serving in ecumenical pastoral care ministry, including Protestant laypersons. This course examines core elements of Protestant lay ministry. In addition, essential motifs in serving African American, Hispanic and Evangelical populations are addressed. Proficiency in empathic listening is assumed. To maximize the benefit of this material, completion of An Empathic Connection is strongly recommended.

Medical Ethics and the Ethical and Religious Directives (ERDs)

Coming soon!

Here’s a practical application of medical ethics in lay ministry based upon the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services. This material, designed by a doctoral-level Catholic ethicist, is drawn from extensive clinical experience, particularly concerning end-of-life care and decisions.

Lay Ministry Development

Coming soon!

This advanced course emphasizes growth in several areas, including personal awareness (grief history, spiritual journey, etc.), assessment of gifts and limits for ministry, skill enhancement for in-depth ministry, and solidification of identity as authorized care giver. Proficiency in empathic listening is required; therefore, completion of An Empathic Connection is a prerequisite.